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3 Vitamin Supplements for Memory Power

memory supplementsWhen it comes to improving your memory power, it’s a good idea to supplement a healthy and balanced diet with some extra boosts of vitamins and minerals. Taking supplements for memory is a great way to do that.

Now, just before I explain which ones you need to consider taking, I want to make something very clear…

I’ve mentioned that, if you’re going to take supplements for memory, you need to make sure that your current diet is healthy and balanced.

I’ve spoken about this before, and if you’re not sure about what exactly this means, then check out my post entitled 3 Simple Ways to Increase Memory Power and scroll down to the part about Diet.

Obviously, make sure you consult your doctor or medical professional before taking any supplements.

Supplements for Memory Power

Here, in my opinion, are the top 3 supplements for memory:

B Complex Vitamins

OK, so I kind of cheated when I said 3 because this first one is actually several forms of one vitamin complex.

B Vitamins are considered very good for brain health in general and thus can help you to improve your ability to remember.

In fact, an Oxford University study revealed that specific B vitamins could actually slow brain shrinkage in ageing people, thus preserving your memory.

B vitamins help your body to perform a function known as methylation, which is the process of removing the toxins caused by your cells taking on nutrients. If this methylation doesn’t happen properly in the body, then you can get a build-up of homocystine, a toxin that is linked to strokes, heart disease and poor memory.

Not getting enough B vitamins can lead to depression, memory problems, paranoia and inability to maintain attention, as well as birth defects in unborn children.

You can get B vitamin complex supplements, that combine all the B vitamins together in one tablet or capsule.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C can be found naturally in foods like berries, citrus fruits, green peppers and broccoli.

Without this nutrient, your memory would be pretty screwed. Here’s why:

This key vitamin is involved in the creation of neurotransmitters, which are chemicals that enable the transmission of signals to different parts of the brain, in a similar way to the electrical signals would work in a super computer.

Give your neurotransmitters a memory upgrade with Vitamin C supplements.

Vitamin E

This plucky vitamin is responsible for eliminating things called ‘radicals’ (often referred to as ‘free radicals’) within the body.

Radicals are atoms or groups of atoms that are formed as a bi-product of various reactions in the body. In particular, oxygen radicals are considered negative to the body because they can damage and destroy the fatty membranes of your cells.

This can have a catastrophic effect on your brain if you don’t have enough vitamin E in your diet.

After all, if you want to remember something, you need a brain to remember it with! Don’t let yours get ruined by free radicals.

Vitamin E also reduces the killing off of your neurons due to the protein fragments forming around them. This can slow or even prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s disease.

You can find a variety of Vitamin E supplements in health food stores or from reputable online retailers.

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So, there you have it: A complete guide to the 3 vitamin supplements for memory that will allow you to remember more by keeping your brain healthy. You can find all these supplements and more in the vitamins and supplements section of Amazon.

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