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How to Remember Numbers Easily

In previous posts, we’ve looked at how to remember words using something known as The Link Method. Here we’re going to learn another memorization technique to help you remember numbers easily.

remember numbersWhen you’re confronted with a series of numbers, lots of people experience a type of panic.

One of the reasons for this is that numbers don’t actually have any inherent meaning. They don’t have an ‘identity’ in the same way that a word might.

For example, if I see the word camel, I immediately picture a big, odd-looking creature with a hump that lives in the desert.

If I see a number like 5812, it’s largely meaningless. It has no context and nothing I can really associate with it. As a result, it’s a lot harder to remember numbers.

Or is it?

There are loads of ways to remember numbers more easily, but this one is a simple one for you to use to create images that will help you recall the digits.

How to Remember Numbers

The Number Shape Method

In this memorization technique, we’re going to use the power of association in order to help us to remember numbers clearly and in order.

Association is an incredibly powerful tool as it takes the abstract numbers and gives them a context and meaning.

Here’s how it works:

We’re going to create an image for each number and visualise that image each time we want to recall the number. Better still, we’re going to create a little scene or story to help us remember.

Look at each number from 0 to 9 and think about what the numbers look like or remind you of.

Here are the numbers and the picture I put with each one:

0 A ball – I usually picture a football, but any kind of round object works.
1 A candle – Basically, anything straight and narrow works for one.
2 A swan – You could also use a snake here.
3 Many people picture handcuffs or lips but I see two U-shaped magnets.
4 A sail on a boat – You could go for a flag on a flagpole.
5 A seahorse – Another possibility is a hook or a rudder for a boat.
6 Golf club – One book I read suggested an elephant’s trunk.
7 The edge of a cliff. What pops into your mind when you look at 7?
8 A curvy lady 😉 You could use a snowman or even an egg-timer here.
9 For some reason, I think of a ping pong paddle. It helps that the number looks like a backwards ‘P’ too.

Many of those number/image associations are quite common for a lot of people, but I’d urge you to think of your own. If you envision the number 6 as something totally different, then use that first thing you thought of.

Whatever you do, if an image comes into your mind quickly, don’t dismiss it. That image is likely to be the one you’ll remember.

Now try this:

Start seeing the numbers around you each day as images. The number 27 bus could be as a swan flying off the edge of a cliff. Your PIN number could be a football rolling into a boat filled with golf clubs, with a candle stuck at the front of the boat to help see the way ahead (0461).

If you prefer, you can just code the numbers into pairs. With the PIN number above, that would give a football rolling into a boat, and a gold club hitting a candle to blow it out.

Can you see how these images will help you remember numbers more easily?

Naturally, there are more advanced ways to learn longer numbers but this one will give you a way to code the numbers into your memory visually.

The key to this technique is to listen to the numbers slowly and code them into your memory whichever way suits you best (pairs or one complete scene). The more you practice it, the quicker you’ll be able to do it.

What methods do you currently use to remember numbers? Let me know in the comments section below!

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