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Memory Resources

I wanted to create a place on the site where I could share some of the great books and memory resources that have helped me to improve my memory.

So, here goes!


How to Develop a Brilliant Memory Week by Week – This is a great book by Dominic O’Brien that’s structured so that you can work on a memory skill each week for a year. Each section of the book contains several exercises to improve your memory, including great ‘real world’ applications to help you in daily life.

Improving Your Memory for Dummies – This book is like my memory bible… It’s an extensive, accessible work on improving your memory that you can dip in and out of with ease. It’s written by a doctor of psychology and draws on neuroscience to give you some great techniques.

How to be Clever – This isn’t strictly a memory skills book, but it is written by memory champion Ben Pridmore. It contains lots of useful material that you can use to become one of those very clever people that everyone talks about.

The Memory Book – This is perhaps the biggest selling memory improvement guide in the world, created by memory expert and magician Harry Lorayne.

Moonwalking with Einstein – This is Joshua Foer’s excellent book about his journey into the world of the memory athletes. He used the skills he learned to become the 2006 USA memory champion. Joshua mentioned this book during his TED talk about memory which you can watch here.

Forum – This is a great site by Josh Cohen which includes a number of memory resources. The main one is a great forum that you can access by clicking the Mnemotechnics link above. You might even see me in there.


The Smart Memory Power Channel – I’ve started a YouTube channel, not only to share the information from this blog, but also to share tips, interviews and upcoming memory events.