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World Memory Championships 2012 – Could You Be The Next Champion?

world memory championships 2012After two years of being held in China…

The World Memory Championships 2012 are returning home to London!

Among the competitors will be Memory Champions from across the world, all bidding for the title of World Memory Champion 2012. Over three days of gruelling memory challenges, the competitors will have their memories put to the test.

And this isn’t just about remembering one or two difficult things either…

There are a multitude of disciplines that the mnemonists must excel at in order to achieve the coveted title.

Each part of the competition consists of remembering as much as possible in a given time period. Here’s a breakdown of each of the disciplines that make up the championships:

  1. One Hour Numbers – The competitors must remember a random string of numbers over the course of an hour and then be able to recite them from memory.
  2. 5 Minute Numbers – The mnemonists are shown a series of numbers in 5 minutes. They must remember as many as possible in that short time frame.
  3. Spoken Numbers – These numbers are read out one at a time, one per second and the competitors must remember them without writing them down first.
  4. 30 Minutes Binary Digits – Binary is the code used to program computers, made up of strings of zeros and ones. The sequence may look something like this: 010010011110011010010010… etc. They hear these numbers for 30 minutes then have to remember the sequence.
  5. One Hour Playing Cards – Competitors must remember as many decks of playing cards as possible within one hour, then be able to recall them in order from the start. The World Record for this (set in 2010 by Ben Pridmore) is 1456 cards! That’s 28 decks!
  6. Random Lists of Words – As it suggests, the competitors must remember a list of random words in order.
  7. Names and Faces – Competitors are shown a series of faces and the names that go with them. They are then shown the faces again and must remember their names. Again, the goal is to remember more people and their names than anyone else.
  8. 5 min Historic Dates – Here the competitors are told a series of historic dates but with fictional events and again, they must recall as many as possible.
  9. Abstract Images – In this round, competitors are shown a series of random abstract images of black and white spots in different configurations and they must remember as many of the images as possible.
  10. Speed Cards –  This is my personal favourite and always left until the end of the event. The competing memory masters are given a deck of cards. They pick up the cards, remember their order and then say them out loud as the cards are counted out. World record: 21.19 seconds (Simon Reinhard).

For a comprehensive list of all the world records for each of these disciplines, take a look at World Memory Statistics’ records page.

The most exciting part about all of this?

Registration is now open for competitors! If you want to sign up and put your super memory power to the test, then go ahead and sign up here.

The World Memory Championships 2012 take place from the 14th -16th December 2012. To find out more, visit the official World Memory Championships website.

Are you going? Perhaps you’re competing? Or maybe you just want to let us know what you think of those crazy records! Leave a comment below and we’ll reply asap.

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